Working with Sarah and the team at Wilderness PR has been a great experience. They are full of ideas and constantly going the extra mile to make sure we do the right things at the right time with the right level of quality. We've secured lots of great coverage locally, nationally and online, won awards, made movies and met some really influential people who have helped promote us. All thanks to Sarah's watchful eye and hands on style. Sarah feels more like another member of the team than an external consultant. We'd love to recommend her to other people but we need her here too much.

Steve Rabson Stark

Bignose & Beardy
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Wilderness PR has been instrumental in the success of Isenhurst Health Clubs. Sarah’s social media work alone has helped us attract nearly 2,000 highly engaged Facebook followers. Sarah totally understands our audiences, with her work helping to attract hundreds of new members to all three Clubs. She was also integral to Isenhurst Health Club Uckfield winning the ‘Health & Leisure’ category at last year’s Uckfield Business Awards.

Dan Sanger

Isenhurst Health Clubs
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Wilderness PR has been instrumental in enabling Camp Kernow to communicate its offering to a wider audience on a national level. Press articles secured in leading publications with a targeted demographic have led directly to an increase in enquiries and sales while inclusion in national press round ups of best summer camps have grown Camp Kernow’s reputation and profile.

Sarah has worked tirelessly to ensure tangible results and has exceeded our expectations of what could be achieved. She is friendly, supportive, has good relationships within the industry and most importantly for us, has taken the time to really understand Camp Kernow, its ethos and work in order to communicate it with passion and knowledge to journalists. We look forward to continuing to work with her.

Claire Coombe

Camp Kernow
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Sarah is very well connected, not just with the media but generally. She has added value both in terms of PR and more broadly strategically and her twenty years of experience in PR has been invaluable. She hit the ground running when she started working for Willow & Wild Box and understood the business and my objectives straight away. Her input has been invaluable and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Roz Harvey

Willow & Wild Box
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