Third Party Collaborations

Sarah is extremely well connected and is used to facilitating successful brand and company collaborations for clients. Tie-ing two brands or companies together that are synergised and share target audiences is a brilliant way to amplifying brand projection. 

Blogger and Influencer Work

There is a world of people out there in the Bloggers Sphere who would love to share news about you and your brand to their followers due its relevancy and engagement factor. We can identify those people and get them talking about you, whether you have a budget to do this or not.

Social Media Management

Social Media is an essential part of any communication strategy nowadays. By building genuine relationships with the audiences that need to be reached, the whole nature of communication changes to become interactive, informative and responsive rather than a one-way broadcast.

Effective social media activity is all about helping brands to listen, understand and engage with audiences and key opinion formers in a way that creates conversation, builds loyalty and ultimately, word-of-mouth endorsement – one of the greatest result drivers.

Wilderness PR can integrate a social media strategy as part of wider marketing activity. We ensure brand is presented consistently with an appropriate tone of voice, supported by engaging content that promotes sharing. We can help build ‘real’ communities of individuals who are pro-actively engaged with your company.

Social media also gives us good insight to what our target media are talking about online as well as offline. We also use social media to keep on top of industry and community news in real time.

We do lots of Social Media Management courses to keep as up to date as we can be in this ever evolving area.

Video Marketing

There is a huge demand for video at the moment. A video can speak a thousand words in a short space of time, which is hugely beneficial in the time poor society we live in today. Also video translates well across digital platforms, engaging well on social media too.

Research reveals that video increases people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%. It also is a powerful conversion tool, with research also showing that website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. Research also reveals that 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing with 83% of these businesses believing that video marketing gives them a good ROI.

Therefore, make video part of your communications strategy. Wilderness PR will take a client brief and working with videography/ visual design companies such as Chippendale Design or Jonny Cass Productions, produce video marketing content to suit client’s needs.

The latest film by Wilderness PR and Jonny Cass for Isenhurst Health Clubs has organically reached over 11,000 people and has been viewed 5,000 times on the company’s Facebook page. It can be viewed here.

Working with Dan Chippendale for Bignose & Beardy, last summer, Wilderness PR produced this video.

Email Marketing

The lines between PR and marketing and more blurred than ever, with companies hiring PRs to draft effective content for email marketing. PR’s are king at content, so this is a service we also offer at Wilderness PR integrated into an overall communications strategy. Email marketing is highly effective for many reasons:
• It helps you get mileage out of existing content;
• Email marketing allows companies to build segments;
• Automated emails are shown to improve sales;
• Email marketing gives you an instant insight into engagement;
• Email marketing is a great platform to showcase videos.