Consumer PR Strategy

Wilderness PR has a wealth of experience in this area, with a well formulated PR strategy underpinning most of the work they do. 

It is important to have a clear, concise communication strategy in place. Once a brief has been given, Wilderness PR drafts a proposal, incorporating strategy and tactics needed to meet it.

A PR programme can work very effectively when it forms part of an overall marketing strategy, which may also include advertising, direct marketing, customer loyalty programs and online marketing including social media. 

Effective communication that achieves cut through with its audience is all about the repetition of key messages. These key messages communicate the brand's identity, its values and what's on offer. When these messages are consistent and repeated throughout the marketing mix, they are more likely to reach the target audiences and have an impact.

While media relations forms an important part of consumer PR campaigns, communication to consumers is becoming more personal, particularly in the online environment. Audiences are looking to be engaged by brands but not be sold-to by them. The PR strategy we look at incorporates online, including social media. Wilderness PR specialises in a creative approach, looking at ways brands and companies can stand out from the crowd of competitors to secure the most important if all – ENGAGEMENT, with the final outcome being raised awareness and increase in sales.

Media Relations

PR has evolved over the past twenty years, with digital playing a big part in its evolution.

At Wilderness PR we believe that traditional media relations is just as important a platform in getting your story and messages ‘out there’. National, consumer, lifestyle, local, trade, broadcast – these are all genres of press we deal with on a daily basis for clients. We don’t heavily rely on contacts to secure stories. We rely on well-rounded, up-to-date knowledge of who writes what. No blanket approaches, but a well-researched approach for focused and fully tailored ‘sell-ins’. This gives Wilderness PR a good success rate in securing stories in the areas of press that matter most to the client. 

Saying that, we do have excellent contacts in the media, including Sussex and Kent based press who cover client stories time and time again. We are also good at seeding stories especially via social media too.

Press Release Writing & Pitching

Many people see press release writing and distribution as the fundamentals of PR. We do agree with this to a certain extent. 

There’s an art to writing press releases and media materials that catches the attention of a journalist and concisely presents a story that will engage them in the first instance.

There is also an art to pitching a story to journalists. Whether it be over the phone or curating an email that they will open, click and read. We even know the best time of day to contact journalists. Not as simple as it seems, but this is what we are experts in.

Copy Writing and Content Generation

'Content is King' and influencer relations is more important now than it ever has been.

Research has shown that emotion outweighs logic when it comes to buying and investing money into a product.
Compelling content is an art form and one that PR pro’s do well. Wilderness PR know how to write the content readers want. Whether it be drafting marketing and promotional style copy for brochures, flyers and advertorial writing or putting together less formal copy for blogs, case studies and social media, we are able to adapt styles to engage and convey expertise, authority and relevance. Also able to adapt to share across a multitude of platforms and channels offline as well as online. 

The explosion of content marketing is driving incredible benefits for brands and because of this it draws on the PR pro’s gift for storytelling and brand messaging.

Crisis Management

PR and marketing push the positives of a company and brand, but there can be times when a reactive approach is needed to defend or manage a crisis. Wilderness PR can put a strategy in place to ensure consistent and smooth communications to customers, consumers, shareholders, the media as well as social media followers.

Every crisis is different, but experience in the grocery and travel industries has given Wilderness PR the relevant experience needed with troubleshooting and damage limitation.

Event Planning and Management

We love an event. Wilderness PR can organise an event as part of your communication’s strategy. Whether it be a new product launch to the consumer or trade media or simply a launch to promote a product or area of the business to your target audience, we are equipped with the experience you need to make it a success.