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Tips, advice and hacks to make working from home easier

With lockdown 2.0 now underway, Sarah Jones, Founder and Director of Wilderness PR spoke to Locate East Sussex about ways to deal with the technical and emotional challenges that come with another spell where we have to work from our homes For many of us, working from home (WFH) is becoming a normal way of life […]

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We are excited to announce that Cabins and Castles is now a client of Wilderness PR. The holiday rental company prides itself in knowing the Sussex countryside and surrounding areas inside out. Zoe, the company founder has handpicked all the properties listed from East to the West side of the county as they offer something special […]

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What is effective design and can it be a silent ambassador for your brand?

Wilderness PR speaks to Beth Cook, Creative Director at Beth Cook Design. “If done well, then absolutely,” says Beth. When creating a brand identity, it's all about applying the brand’s values to any visual elements used to promote the business, such as stationery, signage, press ads, print materials and a website, so it really is […]

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Evie on the Hải Vân Pass, Vietnam, 2016

About Evie Kennedy, Wilderness PR's newest recruit

Travel has always played a big part in my life and when I was seventeen, I packed up my seventy-litre rucksack and decided to travel Australia and South East Asia. Since then, I have become slightly obsessed with exploring new parts of the world. Although, in the light of recent events, this has been limited […]

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PR & COMMUNICATIONS IN TIMES OF COVID-19 2020. The year that will be remembered for coronavirus (COVID-19).  The virus that caused Tsunami sized havoc and destruction to personal lives and businesses all over the world. The virus that will no doubt change the way we live and work forever. I am writing this on day […]

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